O Cajueiro Nordestino (1962)





O Cajueiro Nordestino影片简介

  The film was made in visual images and rhythms, with no spoken narrative or legend. This of cashew as if it were human person, seeing the different aspects of the usefulness of the tree and fruit, as well as their use ...展开in decoration and sculptural reasons.
  As in Aruanda, the music track is composed of popular songs, recorded on the spot. In Cajueiro opens the director's hand in this Aruanda narrator (the voice of the Linduarte) and leads us to a poetic journey by everyday people from simple. A meeting at the bar, the amusement park, the children's games with the cashew nut and marketing of the fruit, appreciated by many more until the cashew itself: the style of Linduarte refers to the lyricism of Humberto Mauro in their productions to the INCE. Aridity of the citadel of mud from Aruanda, Linduarte focuses on the flavors and aromas of cashew.
  Critical Prix - Festival of Salvador 1962
  The documentary settle its demand tree in the northeastern cultural complex. The values are human consequences of this' awareness' plant, an action that only the same could try to mount a further expression film. The cashew appears at the beginning, in its spontaneous, with the rain from summer to encourage fruiting. contort Roots and antlers ensobreando people and animals appear disorganized with the music, desentoada and gross as the landscape, sung by the people, divided into soil, the only way to function without resorting to artificial resources. The music However, takes a fresh perspective, after the harvest, when a flash-back, the narrative to the remote past, the colonial house with his hands feminine delicacy dealing with the cashew, domestic work is not simply shows or play: the objects, the sweet, in an own rhythm suavisado by coral. The music continues to cut stoned in the Baroque in San Francisco Church, classic example of the influence of cashew in popular art. Páteo In celebration of the church, the collective exteriorization arises naturally, so that the voice of a popular singer, recorded on the spot, breaking the soundtrack, naive reaching the merriment where the delicacies are sold in brown. The soil used as a musical function, with the back of roasting chestnuts, the children's game , The advent of factory ending with the customs and traditions of the people, with its cold and mechanical objects. The devastation down by the fire and are consequences where the fire choreography creates the cry of death of the plant through the theme interpreted by Coral: the cashew extinguished It is.
O Cajueiro Nordestino (1962)
Linduarte Noronha
1962  (1962年)
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