Loki: Arnaldo Baptista (2008)





Loki: Arnaldo Baptista影片简介

  纪录片关于巴西历史上最伟大的摇滚乐团Os Mutantes的核心人物Arnaldo Baptista, 以及他与主唱及前妻Rita Lee的爱怨纠葛. Os Mutantes曾是Kurt Cobain少年时代的偶像.
  The movie is a documentary produced by the Brasil Channel about the great personality of Arnaldo Baptista,...展开 the most creative member of the music band "OS MUTANTES". The trio begun in the 60's with him, his brother Sergio and his wife Rita Lee. Rita did not appear in the movie and she says she will never talk about the past with OS MUTANTES.
  This fact even leads to an idea that she was responsible for Arnaldo's sadness and craziness and the end of the band. Indeed, she seems to be the bad girl.
  The movie has comments of friends and critics, besides Arnaldo's own comments and his brother Sergio. The movie is chronologically organized and mixed with some pieces of concerts, but it never show a whole song, which I found good. My only critic is that when OS MUTANTES are shown performing, they are mostly singing Caetano Veloso's songs, like "Panis et Circensis" and Baby, but Caetano is not mentioned in this movie.
  As many cine-biographies, it is a good movie mainly because the life or Arnaldo is very very interesting. If somehow you like rock, or psychedelic music you must see it. Includes the comment of Kurt Cobain telling he loves "OS MUTANTES".
Loki: Arnaldo Baptista (2008)

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