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Ítél a Balaton影片简介

  The Award of the Lake Balaton in 1933, presented in a black-and-white Hungarian drama directed by Paul Fejős second film. Címváltozatok: Storm on the Lake Balaton, Lake Balaton, the Storm of Souls. The film is in Engli...展开sh, French and German version is also ready, however, the Hungarian and the English version has not survived. The film is based on the history of reconstruction of the German version. The French version differs significantly from the original Mutola.
  The story takes place in a fisherman near Lake Balaton, it makes use of the old Smith, daughter of Mary and the old Szabo, Mihaly son. The two families over several decades ellenségeskedik each other, so the two young love is hopeless. The adopted daughter of a blacksmith's son Jani give married. Mari, however, can not hide her love for Michael. Kovacs fury of a stormy night, misappropriation assszonyt convictions for leaving the lake. If he returns to the Lake Balaton, the sins are hereby forgiven. The young husband and the lover desperate to start a stormy night to rescue Mary, but Jani rescued after unfaithful wife and her lover to absorb the Lake Balaton.
  The most significant difference between the German and French versions, while the German version, Jani own will drown in water (boat-side Maria and Michael, and then when you see their concern and love for one another dive into the lake), while the French version, Jani was not strong enough to maintain the water itself and by the time Michael has come to him to save,
Ítél a Balaton (1933)
Pál Fejös
István Mihály
奥地利 / 匈牙利
德语 / 匈牙利语
1933  (1933年)
Judgment of Lake Balaton / Balaton Condemned / Das Wunder einer großen Liebe / Menschen im Sturm
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