Clocking Off Season 1 (2000)





Clocking Off Season 1影片简介

  Sometimes the reality of who people are is so terrifying, even to themselves, that it must remain hidden. Mark Talbot (James Murray) is one of these people. Someone with darkness in his past and in himself, a darkness ...展开from which he cannot escape, however much he wishes that he could. He seems like a nice enough lad, excitedly getting ready for his first day at Mackintosh. He's fit, clean, nice to his Mum - ex-army, Parachute Regiment no less, if his tattoo is anything to go by. He approaches his new workmates with confidence, he's charming, friendly and obviously one for the ladies, as his instant rapport with resident babe Hannah Phillips (Katisha Kenyon) demonstrates. The other blokes can't believe how quickly he's in there!
  However, after his first day at work, Mark is picked up by the police. He's obviously known to them and they are giving him some kind of warning now he's back in the area. But what has he been in trouble for? And why would the police be checking up on him if he's just out of the army? Nick Anderson (William Ash) is particularly impressed by Mark. His recent marriage to Kim (Emma Cunniffe) is not going too well, so a new mate to talk to is just what he needs, especially one who's been in the military - Nick's dream career. They quickly become friends, Kim too. Mark seems particularly taken with her, even engineering 'chance' meetings.
  But Mark has demons that refuse to stay buried. Over the next few weeks, those close to him will make shocking discoveries about what he is: Hannah, who has a viciously unpleasant brush with his nastier side; Nick, who discovers that, far from being in the army, Mark has stolen his dead brother's military past; and above all Nick's wife Kim, who will bear a terrible, secret cost for welcoming Mark into their home...
Clocking Off Season 1 (2000)
Nigel Douglas
Matt Greenhalgh
Christopher Eccleston / Steve Jackson / Lesley Sharp / John Simm / James Murray
2000-01-23  (2000年)
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