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  Youtube的 video blog 打造的网络巨星一个ID为Lonelygirl15的16岁女孩blogger,Bree Avery。这部电视连续剧是描写这个作为借助网络媒体巨大资源和速度迅速窜红的名人,并且引发各种名人效应的作品。
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  LOS ANGELES - After more than a year and 2...展开60 episodes, 16-year old Bree, the main character on the Web drama "LonelyGirl15," was killed off Friday at the hands of the religious cult that had chased her for the life-giving qualities of her rare blood type.
  In her last appearance on the popular and influential Web show, Bree, portrayed by Jessica Lee Rose, lies lifeless on a table while her blood is transfused into one of the cult's elders. The monotone of her flat-lining heart pierces the silence as her devastated friends watch from a distance.
  But her death was not in vain! Setting the show up for its second season, Bree reveals in a post-mortem voice mail that the cult, "The Order," is pursuing other girls with the same blood properties.
  The Season One finale played out in 12 videos posted over a 12-hour period exclusively on MySpaceTV and the "LonelyGirl15" Web site.
  Starting next week, the show will continue with the same title with the remaining characters weighing what to do with Bree's dire warning.
  "I was real emotional, filming that," Rose said. "I'm really going to miss filming 'LonelyGirl.'"
  Rose, who is a regular on the ABC Family show "Greek" and is in the upcoming film "Perfect Sport," said she didn't mind not having a more dramatic death scene.
  "I didn't want it to be over the top or cheesy," she said.
  Rose has come a long way since walking into an audition for a project titled "Children of Anchor Cove" in April 2006.
  At first, she thought it was the kind of a scam they warned her about in film school — a series of Internet videos for which she would not be paid, at least for a while.
  Rose kept her jobs working at an Abercrombie & Fitch store and a TGI Friday's while filming the first few weeks of "LonelyGirl15."
  But by September, the series had created a sensation, with stories appearing in major media outlets once it had been revealed that Bree was not a real 16-year-old posting video blogs on YouTube, but an actress playing a part in a scripted show.
  The show continued to attract fans, and the cast developed into more of an ensemble. But as Rose's career began to take off, the creators decided it was time to bring the plot to a close.
  "This was a character who was meant to do the ceremony," said Miles Beckett, one of the show's three writer-producers. "It's going to give the show a lot more space to breathe. Jessica is doing other things now, and we are excited about her future and her career."
  Rose hasn't abandoned the Web. She is developing a new Web comedy that should launch later this year. And she has signed on to a TV project titled "E-lebrity," along with fellow online stars Taryn Southern and Stevie Ryan.
  Meanwhile, "LonelyGirl15" will add new characters who will help battle the evil Order.
  (from YAHOO! http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/lonelygirl15_finale)
LonelyGirl15 (2006)
Miles Beckett / Mesh Flinders
Jessica Rose / Yousef Abu-Taleb ... Daniel / 杰克逊·戴维斯
2006-06-12  (2006年)
网络传奇人物ID: Lonelygirl15 / Bree : A Famous Teenage Girl aka LonelyGirl15 on The Internet
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