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  Violent Rome doesn't do anything that a whole load of other Italian crime flicks didn't do before it, but in true genre style - it's highly entertaining and the fact that director Marino Girolami is merely rethreading ...展开old ground doesn't matter too much since its old ground worth treading again! There are a number of things that I watch these films for, and violent Rome has most of them - those being car chases, gun fights, fist fights and good old' fashioned grit, and the fact that this film delivers all those things in a robust and unflinching manner means that it pretty much hit the spot. The plot, as the title suggests, focuses on various criminal and violent acts in the city of Rome (all the Italian cities seem to have been pretty violent in the seventies...). Commissario Betti is sick of the way that criminals can (literally) get away with murder because of the rules and regulations that govern the police force. It's inevitable that he would be kicked out, and pretty soon he is after shooting a criminal. However, there's a bunch of citizens who aren't too happy about crime either, and they gladly take him in.
  The film takes obvious influence from Dirty Harry (like most Italian cop flicks) as the idea of a fed up high ranking police officer figures heavily, and here it works well because the film stars the excellent Maurizio Merli, who goes round beating up criminals in style and really does himself proud with his role here. The style of the film is gritty and dirty, and this reflects well considering the subject material. Naturally, the plot is nothing to write home about and it's clear that the director was more interested in entertaining the audience than putting on a show with any meaning - but that is fine with me! This does mean that we never really have any reason to care, even when the "emotion" surrounding one of the leading characters comes up. Violent Rome, like the later Violent Naples (also starring Maurizio Marli in the same role!) has more than it's fair share of cheese too...but somehow that sort of stuff goes well with the rest of the film. On the whole, Violent Rome may not be one of the best Italian crimes films of all time - but it's a good one and I doubt that fans of these films will regret seeing it!
Roma violenta (1975)
Maurizio Merli / 理查德·康特 / 雷·洛夫洛克
动作 / 犯罪
1975  (1975年)
Violent Rome
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