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  A unique concert film, 6 October 2001
  Author: craigjclark from Haddonfield, NJ
  It's hard to imagine anyone else writing,...展开 directing and visualizing a film quite like this. Essentially a record of Laurie Anderson's "Mister Heartbreak" tour, this concert film is mostly comprised of songs and music with a smattering of spoken word pieces thrown in for good measure. Her more recent concerts have been a bit more subdued, so this is a good chance to see her with all the bells and whistles (so to speak).
  As for the performances, Anderson is radiant and off-the-wall as usual, and her back-up band is top-notch, including such talented players as Adrian Belew, David Van Tieghem and Joy Askew (with whom Anderson shares an amusing phone call in the middle of the show). And William S. Burroughs even waltzes through from time to time.
  Recommended for Laurie Anderson fans, and -- along with her "Collected Videos" -- could make her some new ones.
home of the brave (1986)
Laurie Anderson
Laurie Anderson / Adrian Belew / William S. Burroughs
1986-04-25  (1986年)
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