Bleachers (2010)






  What happens when you mix six students who come from totally different social backgrounds into a day of In School Suspension causing them to miss out on Spring Break? Soul searching hysteria! The rich bitch, the footba...展开ll player, the rocker, the playa, the psycho and the dork break the school rules and are forced to give up their spring break vacation to spend a day with Mr. Simmons, the "Hard Ass" school administrator, while their social friends party for a week in Hawaii. As the students try to make the best out of a bad day, they sneak out of class and try hard to avoid security and administration. While having hysterical experiences, they come to realize that they have placed themselves into the system of stereotypes and labels to fit in with their peers. Except this day, they've beaten the system.
Bleachers (2010)

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