S Is for Sexy (2008)





S Is for Sexy影片简介

  7 short films
  Serene Hunter – 13 mins. France/USA, Director: Jason Bushman
  A free-spirited Parisian wants more from the one guy he can’t have, in this stunningly sexy short film. (English and F...展开rench with English subtitles)
  Solace – 14 mins. USA, Director: Michaline Babich
  West Hollywood cutie Hugo (Joey Tuccio) gets more than he bargained for when he seeks solace in a one-night stand with an older guy in Beverly Hills (Richard Courtney).
  Scarred – 10 mins. Great Britain, Director: Damien Rea
  A scarred man is forced to deal with his past in this stunning British film. This chilling British drama unfolds the dark truth as Rafi meets Joe and they get together for a hot encounter.
  signage – 12 mins. USA., Director: Rick Hammerly
  5 Best Short Film Awards! A chance encounter with a young deaf man forces a 41-year-old to face his ambiguous future in today’s youth-obsessed gay world. In the award-winning short signage, a forty-something gay man gives himself a youthful makeover before he heads out to the bar where he connects with a cute young deaf guy. (English & American Sign Language (ASL)with English subtitles)
  41 Seconds – 4 mins. Germany, Directors: Tobias Martin & Rodney Sewell
  An innocent phone call leads to a short but oh-so-passionate encounter between friends. (German with English subtitles)
  Shahram & Abbas – 35 mins. The Netherlands, Director: Remy van Heugten
  Two middle-aged men (who may or may not be gay) seek asylum in the Netherlands in this surprisingly funny, extremely well produced comedy-drama that will both break your heart and make you laugh out loud as it sheds light on the persecution of homosexuals in Iran. Think Chuck & Larry meets Amnesty International! (Farsi & Dutch with English subtitles)
  Mr_Right_22 – 12 mins. Germany, Director: Reza Rameri
  While Adam (cutie-pie Philipp Denzel) sits in a gay cafe waiting for his first Internet date he gets some sage advice from the snappy waiter (Luc Feit, House of Boys) in this charming short. (Filmed in English)
S Is for Sexy (2008) 7.0
Michaline Babich / Jason Bushman / Rick Hammerly / Reza Rameri / Damien Rea
Jason Bushman / Rick Hammerly / Philipp Denzel / Joseph Tuccio / Jason Wittig / Luc Feit
剧情 / 喜剧
英语 / 法语 / 美国手语
2008-06-03  (2008年)
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