Dastforoush (1987)






  Episode one: The Happy child :
  The fourth child of a poor couple, whom live in Halabiabad (a dispossessed place in Tehran), is born. In the maternity they tell them that if the child does not have good nutrition he ...展开would become paralyzed as well. The couple, who have 3 retarded and handicapped children- as a result of family marriage-know that because of poverty they cannot take care of their newborn child and they are worried that he would encounter the same fate as the other three children. They decide to make their child prosperous and they take him to a sanitarium for handicapped and retarded children but very soon the bitter future of the child comes into the mother’s mind. Then they decide to put the child in the way so that a good person takes the child with him and makes him prosperous but no one would take the child, but poor people and for making money. Eventually they leave the child by the swimming pool of an aristocratic house and leave, unaware of the fact that the child ends up in the sanitarium of handicapped and retarded children once again.
  Episode two: Birth of an old woman :
  A young boy, who has psychic signs in his behavior and words, nurses his old and handicapped mother, who does not even have the ability to talk, with patience and comprehension in an humble house. One day when he leaves the house towards the bank to get his monthly pension, he has an accident with a vehicle and the passersby steal his money. The young boy, who is worried about his mother’s conditions escapes from the hospital with a bandaged head, while the old woman has died in his absence. But in the house he still treats her mother as if she is alive.
  Episode three: The peddler :
  A group of smugglers who have unlawful activities under the cover of selling second hand clothes, take a peddler, who was their accomplice and witness of their crime, with themselves by force to kill him. The young peddler, who has arguments with the leader of the group over his life all the time, is thinking of escaping from this predicament, but all these escapes are only in his mind…
Dastforoush (1987)
1987  (1987年)
The Peddler
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