Brave Yound Men 第一季 Brave Young Men Season 1





Brave Yound Men 第一季影片简介

  Owen and Jamie are a pair of nobodies who prevent global disasters with the help of a time-transient civil servant.
  Owen, a caretaker at the local school, is approached by a shadowy figure named Melvin while locking...展开 up one day. Melvin appoints him 'Caretaker of the World... Brighton and Hove Division'. But is this Melvin really a civil servant from the future or just a mad tramp?
  After some haggling over a scooter, Jamie agrees to be Owen's sidekick and so their mission begins: This involves the confiscation of some homebrewed beer which, according to Melvin, will become contaminated in 2013. Curiously Melvin needs it brought to him in order to 'process' it.
Brave Yound Men 第一季 Brave Young Men Season 1

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