Falesná kocicka (1926)





Falesná kocicka影片简介

  Dentist Verner wants to get married but, apart from his housekeeper Amálka, he cannot bear any woman near him. He thinks that he will be able to find a simple girl from a lower social class and then he intends taking h...展开er in hand. The first attempts end unsatisfactorily and Verner has to recover in the Karlovy Vary spas. Amálka, however, meets a young girl here, Milca Janotová, whom she once nursed and she tells her about the caprices of Dr Verner. After he return from Prague Milca works out a plan. She meets a tramp ina pub, Vendelín Pleticha and asks him to explain to her the way of life of people who live on the fringe of society. She then goes to see Dr Verner who is captivated by her to such a degree that he takes her into his care in order to educate her even though his dental practice suffers as a result. Verner falls in love with Milca but when he finally tells her of his feelings, the deception accidentally comes out into the open. The offended Verner throws Milca out of his house. Milca, however, uses her cunning once more and pretends that she is dying and in her "delirium" she tells Verner of her love for him. The film ends with the celebration of two weddings - Milca and Verner finally come together and Pleticha marries his old love Amálka.
Falesná kocicka (1926)

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