'N Sync: PopOdyssey Live





'N Sync: PopOdyssey Live影片简介

  The PopOdyssey Tour (known as the Celebrity Tour in 2002) is the fourth concert tour by American boy band 'N Sync. Sponsored by Verizon Long Distance and Chili's,[1] the tour promoted the band's third studio album, Cel...展开ebrity. The tour's name is defined as "an adventurous journey towards popularity, beginning as just a dream and ending in reality". The tour became the biggest production in pop music, beating U2's PopMart Tour. The 2001 tour earned over $90 million dollars, becoming one of the biggest tours of the year.[2] It was also nominated for "Most Creative Stage Production" for Pollstar's "Concert Industry Awards". Following several promotional concerts, the tour reignited in 2002 under the name "Celebrity Tour". The group stated the new edition would go "back to their roots", as they would be performing obscure songs from all three of their albums. The 2002 tour earned nearly $30 million dollars.[4] It serves as the group's final tour before they disbanded. The tour primarily visited North America[5] with dates in Japan proposed but never realized.
'N Sync: PopOdyssey Live

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