When Harvey Met Bob (2010)





When Harvey Met Bob影片简介

  In October 1984 rock musician Bob Geldof is appalled by the misery of starving Ethiopians as seen on television and persuades his pop musician friends to record the million selling charity single 'Do They Know it's Chr...展开istmas?' Bob goes to Ethiopia and,horrified at the scale of the famine,plans a global rock concert to be staged simultaneously in England and America the next summer. He brings in hard-headed rock promoter Harvey Goldstein,who provides a realistic anchor to Bob's idealistic wish list of performers and preparations are fraught with arguments,Bob especially disappointed not to secure Bruce Springsteen,in anticipation of whose services he postponed the event. After addressing his old school,where he was less than academically bright but hopes to inspire the students,and with five days before the big event Bob gets involved with the complicated matter of financial logistics and organizing international broadcasts but gets Prince Charles and Princess Diana to attend simply by asking them. Finally the day of the concerts arrives and,as Paul McCartney sings 'Let it Be',Harvey and Bob know that they have triumphed. The show over,the two men sit alone to reflect on matters.
When Harvey Met Bob (2010)

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