As Wonderland Goes By...





As Wonderland Goes By...影片简介

  Nikita and Zoe are two conflicting personalities living in exile in Bulgaria. After the deaths of significant people around them, they are forced to go on the run with the intention of discovering a new life in St Pete...展开rsburg. However, while awaiting clearance and hiding out in Budapest, their strong desire for one another and their contrasting extreme conflict creates further problems and drives them to Kiev. The world seems to be crashing down around them, so they try again to remain free from sight. Unfortunately Zoe's morbid curiosity takes her on wishful hunt for redemption, but instead the pursuing parties determined to find them converge and discover an incredible secret held by Nikita. They capture Zoe and hold Nikita to ransom. He's been holding information that will make or break a catastrophic world event. He reveals his secret to have her freed, but unbeknown to the captors and captives...
As Wonderland Goes By...

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