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  Rock Profile was a British television comedy show written by and starring comedy partnership Matt Lucas and David Walliams, both now widely known for the sketch show Little Britain. Rock Profile first appeared on the c...展开hannel UK Play in 1999, before moving to BBC Two in 2000. The show comprises a series of spoof interviews, involving Jamie Theakston questioning Lucas and Walliams, who play famous musicians. The interviews are often bizarre and involve broad, unflattering caricatures or just downright fictional characteristics. They are often interspersed with videos by the featured artist, including humorous captions and congratulations from other impersonated celebrities.
  The first series was broadcast in 1999, comprising of 13 episodes, on digital channel UK Play. The series was then picked up by BBC Two, with a second series of 13 episodes following in 2000. Series one was later shown on BBC Two. In Christmas 2000, a special 45-minute episode of the series was broadcast, entitled Rock the Blind. The episode followed Gary Barlow (Lucas) and Ronan Keating (Walliams) as they recorded a charity single. Ted Robbins appeared as Pete Waterman, and Sara Cox as herself. Following the episode, the series saw a break of two years.
  In 2002, several sketches were comprised for the 2002 re-launch of Top of the Pops, entitled The All-New Top of the Pops. All of the sketches were filmed backstage, featuring characters which had appeared in the previous two series. Fans of the series were happy to see its brief return, however, people who were unaware of the show at the time did not understand the segments. Complaints were also sparked regarding the sketch featuring Lucas as Elton John, who was being interviewed about his appearance on TOTP, in which he performed The Lion King's main theme, "Circle of Life". A member of the audience also verbally heckled Lucas during the sketch, which resulted in the feature being cut from all future repeat screenings of the episode.
  In 2009, a third series was recorded by Walliams and Lucas.[1] The series was subsequently made available on the internet for free viewing. The third series replaced host Jamie Theakston with new host Dermot O'Leary. The first episode aired virally on May 11, 2009, and featured an interview with Jordan and Peter Andre.[2]
  It is widely regarded[by whom?] that many of the series' characters bear a great deal of resemblance to Walliams' and Lucas' later project Little Britain. Comparisons include that of Lou Reed and Andy Warhol to Lou and Andy, Geri Halliwell to Majorie Dawes, Shirley Bassey to Bubbles DeVere, and Boy George and Marilyn to Vicky Pollard and Sebastian Love.
  A DVD release of Rock Profile appeared in 2005, featuring both series, Rock The Blind, the TOTP sketches, as well as a never-before seen commercial and sketches composed for the Ralf Little Show.
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