Pevnost (1994)






  The fortress in the setting of the landscape gives an impression of a den or a detention colony of Kafka's fiction. The watch-towers, barbed-wire-fencing, severe guarding, all that in all-prevailin feeling of strangene...展开ss and mystery provoke fear. Immediately, the question will arise, what is it that is so strictly guarded. We witness the absurdity as expressed by Franz Kafka, and the nonsensicality of the bureaucratic and the barracklike spiritlessness as ridiculed by Jaroslav Hasek in his soldier Svejk. The story takes place in the second half of the eighties. The regime of power is tired, but any changes are out of sight. Some people are trying to find their asylum in their privacy, some defect. Who is not willing to get adapted, lives at the outskirts of the society. So, for example, the forty-year old intellectual Ewald can not perform his profession, as he could not comply with requirements of the political regime. He earns his living just to sustain, and at the moment he is assigned to measure the capacity of water bore in the vicinity of the fortress. He lives in a caravan-trailer, measures the yield of the water source, and as a little boy enjoys the beauty of the nature and the life of a backwoodsman. He makes friends with a priest from a nearby parish and pals up with a local interesting eccentric, who enjoys freedom by being taken for a fool. Can a man be happy just playing his mouth-organ, enjoying the sky over his head, with barbed-wire fences in sight. It is even convincing and moving, just as his falling in love. People who are lonely attract each other. But can the passion of mature lovers make good for the prospects of life?
  Ewald makes friends with the head officer of the fortress. Their friendship is a strange, unusual relation of two men of different characters, linked by a feeling of loneliness, need of sincerity and even a mutual respect, which stems from understanding each other.
Pevnost (1994)
Drahomíra Vihanová
Alexandr Kliment
György Cserhalmi / 米洛斯拉夫·多努蒂尔 / Karel Hofman
捷克 / 法国
1994  (1994年)
The Fortress
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