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  Sigur Rós 给了许多电影工作者相同的经费预算,请他们把听到每首新歌,第一个脑海里浮现的画面给拍摄出来。这个实验计划的点子,是要影片工作者能够抛开席格若斯的认同,让他们能够呈现最有创意的一面,这项计划的影片制作人有 Ramin Bahrani、Alma Har'el、John Cameron Mitchell 以及 Ryan McGinley。席格若斯不想要事先在专辑出来之前先有任何的预先立场,也不想告诉听众如何去感受和从这张...展开专辑获得到什么,当然团员没有人会知道导演将会拍出些什么影片给他们。
  inga birgisdóttir(Jonsi的一个妹妹)为Sigur Rós 2012年新专《Valtari》曲目《ekki múkk 》所拍摄的MV,inga birgisdóttir正是Sigur Rós 专辑《Von》封面的婴儿。
  关于the valtari mystery film experiment,Inga的评论是这样的:for a little while now i have been experimenting with doing videos that are more like moving images or paintings. they have no beginning, middle or end so the video doesn´t expect anything from you. you don´t have to watch it all, you can glance at it or watch for an hour, it´s just your experience.
  i have also been doing music videos which are almost the total opposite. they have to be fast, lot of things happening in a short period of time otherwise you just turn it off.
  i was curious to try to combine the two.
  ekki múkk is an animation of the cover of valtari. i was finishing the artwork for the cover and the guys came over to take a look and we were just messing about, making the ship sail across the screen and then we decided to make a video. i think it is like a meditation video in a way. look and listen once a day and you can skip your yoga class. varúð has more of a story. varúð means caution or warning so this image instantly came to my mind. someone making warning signs with a flashlight. i wanted the varúð video to have a slow build up like the song and leave something for the viewers to imagine for themselves. we have no idea who they are or what they are warning us about.i made the video by animating a postcard (see attached) and filmed myself over and over again climbing on top of a woodenbox in front of some blue paper.
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inga birgisdóttir

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