"Selling houses is all about fear, never forget that." So says Matt, the most ambitious and unpleasant member of staff at Colubrine's.
  Kris Marshall and Bryan Dick lead the cast in Sold, a new six-part comedy drama ...展开for ITV set in the ruthless world of estate agency.
  In the world of Colubrine's Estate Agents, the unscrupulous staff are masters of high-pressure selling and dirty tricks. But there is one notable exception and that’s Danny (Dick).
  Danny is a rare breed: an estate agent with a heart. He understands that while money can’t bring you happiness, your dream home really can.
  Anthony Head is their ruthless leader Mr Colubrine, rarely seen but ever present.
  A master of intuition, Danny is able to comprehend the hopes and fears of the buyers and sellers that he meets. Then he does everything in his power to ensure those dreams come true.
  But Danny has to work alongside a team of snakes and manipulators - notably amoral, money-mad Matt (Marshall) and bitch-from-hell, Mel, played by Christina Cole.
  The staff of Colubrine's also includes Ella Smith as the bubbly man-eater, Phoebe, and stand-up comic Dan Johnston as debt-ridden Jonty.

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