Who Gets the House





Who Gets the House影片简介

  A group of savvy-minded siblings take an unusual approach to family togetherness in the wholesome Canadian comedy WHO GETS THE HOUSE? Fearing the imminent divorce of their parents Rebecca (Sophie Lorain) and Don (Carl ...展开Marotte), brother and sister Brian (Ricky Mabe) and Emily Reece (Elisha Cuthbert, 24, THE GIRL NEXT DOOR) obtain a legal court order giving the kids ownership of the house--and forcing the parents to take turns visiting them. Comic hijinks ensue as Rebecca and Don shuffle in and out of the family home, providing ample opportunity for their scheming progeny to attempt a parental reunion. STAR TREK's George Takei has a cameo role as the family's wacky repairman.
Who Gets the House

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