Scents and Sensibility





Scents and Sensibility影片简介

  After their father is charged with swindling investors, Elinor (Ashley Williams) and Marianne Dashwood (Marla Sokoloff) must make their own way in life and love. They struggle to find jobs where being a Dashwood isn’t ...展开a strike against them. While Elinor finds work as a janitor at a spa, Marianne works at a cafe.
  Their struggle to make ends meet–especially so they can help their mother pay for a critical medicine for their younger sister–is lightened by Marianne’s hobby of making scented lotions. One lotion heals aches and pains, which they sell to supplement their resources.
  But others want the scented lotion formula, which could be worth a fortune. While Elinor and Marianne try to find love and acceptance, their trust is tested by those scheming to steal the formula. Can they come to a balance of relying on their hearts and sense without losing it all?
Scents and Sensibility

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