Die Herrin der Welt - Teil II (1960)





Die Herrin der Welt - Teil II影片简介

  Placebo special live in Angkor +
  Documentary "Detour"
  Beneath a three quarter moon and in the shadow of the historic Khymer temple Angkor Wat in the midst of the jungle in Siem Reap, Cambodia Placebo played an el...展开ectrifying set that included specially rehearsed and re-worked unique orchestrations of some of their best loved songs. The show was the band's only performance in 2008. A capacity crowd of over 1,500 fans from Cambodia and around the world attended. Placebo was joined by seven international and Cambodian artists at the concert, produced by MTV EXIT to raise awareness and increase prevention of human trafficking, a crime impacting millions of people worldwide.
  This MTV EXIT concert is the first in a series bringing together East and West to raise awareness globally and increase prevention of human trafficking - a 21st century cancer blotting the landscape of our civilisation.
  'Let's not forget the reason that we are here today at this special concert. Millions of people are currently living as slaves. We're here to join the fight to combat this abhorrent trade.' said Placebo's Brian Molko.
  'Music is an incredible force for change and this concert illustrated that. Today we joined together at a truly moving and beautiful location to make a statement that we all have to join together to end slavery,' said Simon Goff, MTV EXIT Campaign Director.
  This show was also Steve Forrest's first ever show with the band, and was certainly in extreme circumstances, including sweltering humidity. The line up also included the strings of Fiona Brice.
  Kicking off with 'Because I want you' the band set out their stall and tone, creating an ambience that hung like a sonic mist. 'Follow the cops' continued this theme then 'Black-Eyed' featured Stefan Olsdal on a 7O's handheld electronic keyboard creating a wash of electro tones to compliment Molko's melodic vocals and a soundbed of harmonising violins.
  'Meds' was guitar led with drummer Steve playing bells before switching to beaters as the track built with strings and keyboard washes to a sonic crescendo. 'Post Blue' was rocking and fitted the scene perfectly with the new arrangement working well.
  'Blind' and 'Drag' resonated off the temple walls with Molko's evocative vocals creating a trance like power which had the audience on their feet and Teenage Angst stripped bare was black yet soft as velvet.
  Before launching in to an interstellar 'Twenty Years' Molko delivered the bands commitment to the cause inviting us to take a minute to reflect on the prisoners, to spread the word and help to put a stop to this abhorrent form of modern slavery.
  Invigorating, dark and soulful.
  The concert will provide content for a series of television programmes produced by MTV EXIT to be broadcast in Cambodia and on MTV channels internationally in 2009. These specials will combine concert footage with important information about human trafficking. All MTV EXIT programming is produced rights-free and free of charge for all broadcasters and organizations.
Die Herrin der Welt - Teil II (1960) 9.4
William Dieterle
Jo Eisinger
Martha Hyer / Carlos Thompson / Micheline Presle
科幻 / 犯罪 / 冒险
法国 / 意大利 / 西德
1960-04-26(西德)  (1960年)
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