Shadowland (1961)






  Ata Whenua's Shadowland brings you the Fiordland World Heritage Status Wilderness you would otherwise never see. Mysterious, evocative, exhilarating and utterly spectacular, filmed across extemes of season, climate and...展开 terrain, it will take you on an unforgettable journey through one of the most awe inspiring landscapes on earth (32 mins).
  Ata Whenua- Shadowlands is a nonverbal film featuring the landscapes of New Zealand. Shot in the south west corner of New Zealand, known as Fiordland. Ata Whenua contains images of the landscapes and animals of the region, through a range of seasons and extremes. The images are beautiful, crystal clear, and set to an impressive soundtrack.
  Ata Whenua was created to bring to viewers a rare glimpse of the wilderness of the Fiordland National Park. Few people get to see this beautiful but remote national park. The film takes you on a journey, showing you sights you would never normally see.
  The images from Ata Whenua are stunning. The moody dawn shots of misty fiords, shot from a helicopter as it glides along show a region of the world few have seen or will visit. Many scenes are shot above the cloud base, giving a lovely effect that can be seen in other films on this website. The use of natural light in Ata Whenua is out standing. The glow of the dawn sun reflecting on the show covered mountains is just amazing.
  There are several time-lapse scenes, with the clouds whisping over and around the mountainsides. The film has clearly taken time to shoot. As well as the snow covered landscapes, the sun glistens off the summer still lakes and rivers. At ground level, amongst the forests, we see a world of green vegetation, untouched my human hand. The animals of Fiordland are shown close-up and from a distance. We also see rock climbers tackling the sheer sides of the regions mountains.
  The Name, Ata Whenua, is a Maori term, used to describe the tortuous terrain of the Fiordland region.
Shadowland (1961)
Ata Whenua
1961-07-21  (1961年)
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