Opowiesc o czlowieku, który wykonal 552% normy





Opowiesc o czlowieku, który wykonal 552% normy影片简介

  The film inspired Andrzej Wajda to make his acclaimed movie 'Czlowiek z marmuru (1977)'.
  Before shooting began Wojciech Wiszniewski went to Silesia in order to ask 'Kazimierz Kutz' if it was possible to make a true ...展开movie about Silesia without knowing it at all. Kutz answered it was not. But eventually it did not stop Wiszniewski from making the film, which later Kutz found surprisingly good.
  (From IMDB)
  A movie quintessential to Wiszniewski's artistic output. Its protagonist, Bernard Budgol, is a miner and a legendary leader of socialist labour in the 40s and 50s. Structured around a dissonance and contradiction, the film is reminiscent of a broken mirror. Budgol's utterances do not for a cohesive whole, but come into conflict with one another. His wife, children and fellow miners tend to be crtical of him while the protagonist himself feels compelled to defend his legend and the rightousness of his own conduct.
  (From KG)
Opowiesc o czlowieku, który wykonal 552% normy

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