Mała matura 1947 (2010)





Mała matura 1947影片简介

  The story of Ludwik; growing up during the Second World War and following years. A battle for his soul ensues between biology and politics, nature and customs, the need for freedom and the oppression of Communism.
  T...展开he latest movie by Janusz Majewski (Zakl?te Rewiry, H.M. Deserters), entitled Ma?a Matura 1947 (The Rite of Passage) – a warm and amusing story about growing up in the first stormy years of post-war Poland – opens on Friday the 15th of April. One of the main parts in the movie is played by…Krakow. A large portion of the film was shot in Krakow, and the Krakow Festival Office is the picture’s co-producer. Moreover, Ma?a Matura 1947 is co-financed by the Regional Film Fund in Krakow, from the budgets of the City of Krakow and the Malopolska Region. So it’s no accident that the ceremonial premiere of the movie, with the participation of its creators, has also been planned in Krakow, during the Krakow Off Plus Camera Festival. We invite you to the Kijów Centrum Cinema on the 15th of April at 7:00 p.m. The director, Janusz Majewski , with members of the cast including Marta Klubowicz, Sonia Bohosiewicz, Agnieszka Michalska, Marek Kondrat, Wiktor Zborowski, Adam Wróblewski and Antoni Królikowski will be gracing the premiere with their presence. During the screening, an innovative audio description technique will be used, thanks to which the movie will also be available to the visually impaired and the blind.
Mała matura 1947 (2010)

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