Amelia's 25th (2013)





Amelia's 25th影片简介

  Birthdays hold a magical milestone in everyone's lives. Each one represents a different exciting adventure in life: Ten years old- Double digits; Thirteen- Bar-mitzvahs; Fifteen- Quinceanera; Sixteen- Sweet Sixteen & a...展开 driver's license; Eighteen- a legal adult, Twenty-one- Legal drinking age... except for twenty five. Nothing special happens after you turn twenty-five. Especially in Hollywood! That is what Amelia discovers when she turns a quarter of a century old. In the city of Lost Angels, twenty-five is the equivalent of "old" and "done" to a struggling actress. With a disconnected father, her live-in boyfriend struggling financially, and surviving in a complex of noisy neighbors who call themselves artists, her life could not seem bleaker. Spanning over the course of one day, Amelia finds guidance and wisdom in the most curious places: A movie star...
Amelia's 25th (2013)

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