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Tres veces dos影片简介

  Three men at the beginning of the 21st century face love from solitude. Three stories, three innovative styles. A new way of film production led by the new generation of directors of Cuban cinema. An note aside for the...展开 Cuban film in this category, Tres veces dos (Three Times Two), by Pavel Giroud, Lester Hamlet and Esteban Garcia Insausti, which has been very well received already and has won prizes in other festivals.
  Three young Cuban directors—the best and brightest of Cuba's new generation—deliver three films for the price of one in this sexually charged omnibus film. Taking its cues from three memorable love affairs, this trio of tales moves from Hitchcock-inspired thriller to politically tinged musical to steamy erotica, each brought to life by three highly original new Latin American talents.
  Pavel Giroud's Flash opens the film with Hitchcockian flair, as it tells the modern-day tale of a Havana photographer haunted—and tempted—by the image of a long-dead 1950s fashion model. Moving from the city to the countryside, Lester Hamlet's Lila revisits the political turbulence (and musical trends) of Cuba's past through an elderly woman's recollection of an adolescent love, one retold entirely in song. In the film's finale, Esteban Insausti's Luz Roja tracks the rain-soaked, gorgeously physical affair between a psychologist and a blind woman (with Insausti's daring, erotically charged sex scenes earning special notoriety among Cuban audiences and critics). Three remarkable stories of modern Cuba, three distinct styles and three new Latin American voices, brought together in one feature film: Three Times Two lets audiences experience Cuba at its most immediate and most startling.
Tres veces dos (2004)
Esteban García Insausti / Pavel Giroud / Lester Hamlet
2004  (2004年)
Three Times Two
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