Abril: La trinchera del honor (1988)





Abril: La trinchera del honor影片简介

  多米尼加最重要的纪录片导演René Fortunato的成名作
  The popular 1965 Santo Domingo revolt and the Dominican fight against the military North American invasion.
  René Fortunato is, beyond all doubt, one of the most outstanding Dominic...展开an film makers of recent times. As a producer, he made his debut in July of 1985, with the documentary "In the Footsteps of Palau," and in 1988 achieving national and international fame thanks to the success of his full-length documentary "April, the Trench of Honor". He has produced and exhibited in many of this country's movie theaters, with remarkable success among audiences and critics, many full-length documentaries:
  In recognition of his work, he has received numerous awards and distinctions, including the following: o Pitirre Prize for the Best Documentary of the Caribbean region, in the II International San Juan Film Festival in San Juan, Puerto Rico, for his documentary "April, The trench of Honor", in October of 1990.
  Fortunato studied Social Communication at the University of Santo Domingo-UASD- (1982/1985).
  In December of 1991 he served as Juror in the XXXIII Bilbao International Festival for Documentary Films and Short Movies, Spain. In December of 1992 he served as Juror at the IV International and Caribbean Cinema Festival (San Juan Cinemafest), held in San Juan, Puerto Rico.
  Simultaneouly, he worked for several Santo Domingo television firms and stations in different aspects of television and film production. From 1978 to 1987 he published numerous articles about film and TV in the most important Dominican newspapers and cultural supplements.
  During 1987 he wrote the movie review section of the Ultima Hora newspaper. In July of 1985, he presented the documentary "In the Footsteps of Palau", on the life and works of Francisco Arturo Palau, the first Dominican film maker. In August of 1987 he debuted the documentary "Frank Almánzar: Images of an artist", and then in 1990 produced the short musical "Caribe" - which received the Audience's Award at the XVII Visual Arts Biennial.
Abril: La trinchera del honor (1988)
René Fortunato
Dominican Republic
1988  (1988年)
April: the Trench of Honor
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