Arch Enemy: Tyrants of the Rising Sun (2008)





Arch Enemy: Tyrants of the Rising Sun影片简介

  After releasing their first DVD in 2006, Arch Enemy unveils Tyrants Of The Rising Sun. It chronicles the band's March 2008 trip to Japan and concert in Tokyo. In addition to the standard DVD, there are also DVD/2 CD an...展开d double audio CD versions available.
  The concert is 20 tracks (including solos) and is a good mix from Arch Enemy's discography. There are four songs from their most recent CD Rise Of The Tyrant, but they cover material all the way back to their 1996 debut Black Earth. You can select stereo, 5.1 or DTS audio, and the video quality is excellent. The editing is snappy without being seizure inducing. Angela Gossow's stage presence and charisma is on full display, as are her potent vocals.
  There's also a 40 minute documentary focusing on the Japanese tour. It's not terribly interesting, just standard footage of the band out and about at various places in Tokyo. The interviews with members of the Japanese metal scene do add a different twist. Three different music videos round out the DVD.
  If you only can have one Arch Enemy DVD, 2006's Live Apocalypse is a little better, but Tyrants Of The Rising Sun is also a worthy addition to the Arch Enemy fan's collection.
  Track Listing
  1. Blood On Your Hands
  2. Ravenous
  3. Taking Back My Soul
  4. Dead Eyes See No Future
  5. Dark Insanity
  6. The Day You Died
  7. Chris Amott guitar solo
  8. Silverwing
  9. Night Falls Fast
  10. Daniel Erlandsson drum solo
  11. Burning Angel
  12. Michael Amott guitar solo
  13. Dead Bury Their Dead
  14. Vultures
  15. Enemy Within
  16. Snowbound
  17. Shadows and Dust
  18. Nemesis
  19. We Will Rise
  20. Fields Of Desolation / Outro
  Bonus Features-Documentary (with interviews), 2 versions of "Revolution Begins" video, and "I Will Again" video
Arch Enemy: Tyrants of the Rising Sun (2008) 9.6
Arch Enemy
日本 / 瑞典
英语 / 日语
2008-11-25  (2008年)

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