Lethal (2011)






  LETHAL follows the story of Mikey, a young man seeking to fit in, having recently moved to the notorious Highfield Estate. Highfield has become a hot bed of criminal activity, a no go area for the police. With incident...展开s of gang related knife crime at an all-time high the government and local council have been left with no alternative but to propose an extensive redevelopment of the entire area. Mikey's new found friends have all experienced Highfield Estate first hand, having grown up there - the constant police and crime scene tape an everyday occurrence. With practically all flats now boarded up, a challenge is set to Mikey to stay in Highfield Estate for a whole night.... alone. An initiation into the crew. He willingly accepts, but neither his friends nor Mikey are prepared for what lies in store..
Lethal (2011)

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