Orpheus in der Unterwelt (1975)





Orpheus in der Unterwelt影片简介

  A spectacular adaptation of Offenbach’s scandalous operetta (which brought the world the can-can), originally shot in 70mm and starring DEFA stalwart Rolf Hoppe as Jupiter, the role he was born to play.
  The plot in ...展开brief (you can always look it up): Eurydice has been whisked off to Hades. Up on Mount Olympus the somnolent existence of the gods is shaken by the arrival of Diana (why the so-called “Huntress” is dressed in a schoolmistress outfit complete with riding crop is beyond me, though it did mean I could hardly take my eyes off her for the whole performance). This and the arrival of various sorts in a Jules Verne balloon type contraption is the catalyst for revolution, with much waving of tricolours.
  The gods have had enough of ambrosia and decamp from Olympus to Hades (they heard rumours it was topless) where Jupiter finds Eurydice happily settled in and in no rush to return. Cue one wild party centred on the dance of the Galop Infernal, culminating in a solo piece by Eurydice in a see-thru gown and complete lack of underwear. Terrific fun for all the family, and a cultural experience too.
Orpheus in der Unterwelt (1975)

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