Bob Servant Independent (2013)





Bob Servant Independent影片简介

  Bob Servant is the star of three books, a radio show, a television series and a lifetime spent securing his undisputed status as the Hero Of Dundee and the Bard of Broughty Ferry. The local business giant and universal...展开ly respected ladies man first found fame with an acclaimed hat trick of books establishing him as Scotland's new man of letters while his BBC Radio 4 adaptation, The Bob Servant Emails, saw Bob seize the nation’s airwaves. Now Bob Servant Independent (BBC4) sees Bob’s voice, eyes and, most importantly, walk unleashed on a grateful Blighty.
  For Servant this is just the latest chapter of a life not short in recognition. In the 1970s his window cleaning round was generally accepted as being the largest in Western Europe while his key role in Dundee's Cheeseburger Wars of the 1980s saw him reluctantly pushed to national prominence. With Servant defying medical opinion by the day, all bets are off for the man's
Bob Servant Independent (2013)

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