Lala Kedarnath Prasanta (Balraj Sahni) has 3 sons whose birthdays are on the same day. On one of the annual birthday bashes, a well-known astrologer advises him not to be proud for his achievements as 'Luck' (kismat) p...展开lays key role in everybody's life and thus, do not be optimistic for own future achievements. Lala Kedarnath ignores the prediction and is busy making plans for an even wealthier future. He proclaims to his wife (Achala Sachdev) that he wants them to be even richer. As he talks of the day when people shout after his car, There goes Lala Kedarnath!!!!, there is a sudden earthquake and the whole town crumbles into ruins. When Lala Kedarnath regains consciousness, his house has been destroyed and his family is gone.
  The oldest son, Raju, ends up in an orphanage, while middle son, Ravi, (Sunil Dutt) is found on the road by a rich couple who takes him to their home to raise him as his own. Their youngest son, Vijay, (Shashi Kapoor) who is still an infant, is with his mother Laxmi (Achla Sachdev). Unable to find the rest of the family, Laxmi and Vijay live in poverty.
  Lala Kedarnath finally traces Raju to the orphanage but finds that he has run away because the orphanage manager (Jeevan) beat him up. Frustrated, he kills the manager and is jailed. As the police drive away with Kedarnath, audience sees young Raju running in the streets and turning into an adult, (Raaj Kumar).
  There is lot of drama in the film and complex situations which succeeds in entertaining the audience. Raj Kumar as the elder son steals the show while Sunil Dutt as the rich man's adopted son also impresses in lighter moments. The rest of the story is pretty much about how all three brothers are so close together without realizing that they are related. In the end, the family reunites and they reopen their business and live happily ever after.
  The movie has an uncredited remake in malayalam by name Kolilakkam during the climax of which happened the tragic end of Malayalam Superstar Jayan who was hanging to a Helicopter while performing a stunt.

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