Service for Ladies (1932)





Service for Ladies影片简介

  Service for Ladies(base on the novel "The Head Waiter" by Ernest Vajda)
  AKAs: Reserved for Ladies : USA
  Year: 1932
  Runtime: 73 min
  Film Language(s): English
  Film Country(s): UK
  Genre(s): Comedy, Roman...展开ce
  Filmed in: Black and White
  Sound: Mono
  In London, Max Tracey falls in love at first sight with Sylvia Robertson, who is staying at the Grand Palace Hotel where Max works as a headwaiter. Max is respected by all the restaurant patrons, as he is suave, sophisticated and always proper. Although he has been having a clandestine affair with Countess Peggy Ricardi, he takes an immediate leave of absence when he intercepts Sylvia's railroad tickets and discovers that she and her father are headed for the Swiss Alps on vacation. Sylvia is delighted to find that Max has followed her on the train, although she does not know who he is. His knowledge of French proves invaluable to Sylvia and her father, and soon, she and Max are dancing in the passageway of the train. At the Hotel Berg, Max is unable to join Sylvia and her friends as they ski and skate, as winter sports were not part of his early education, and he refrains from noting his occupation on the hotel registration card. When a king arrives incognito to stay at the hotel, everyone knows who he really is, but keeps quiet. The King recognizes Max, having dined often at his hotel and, in front of all the guests, calls him over for a chat. Rumours fly, and the hotel manager, Breslmayer, assumes that Max is a prince traveling incognito, especially after he sees that he has indicated no profession. Suddenly everyone is deferential to Max, and he does nothing to dissuade them from their belief that he is royalty. Max is pleased when Sylvia proclaims that she does not care about social differences, but matters become complicated when Peggy sees a photo of Max and the King in the newspaper and comes to stay at the hotel. Peggy becomes proprietary with Max, but Sylvia, inspired by her father's advice, decides to fight for Max's affection. Unable to tell Sylvia of his background, Max becomes so frustrated that he leaves both women and returns to London. Sylvia's father is outraged over Max's behavior and demands that the King reveal Max's true identity. Rather than break his promise of secrecy to Max, the King invites the Robertsons to dinner at the Grand Palace Hotel when they return to London. Max's profession and position in life is revealed then, and although neither the King nor Mr. Robertson hesitate to associate with him in public, Peggy is haughty and insists that Max serve as headwaiter at a private dinner party she is hosting at the hotel. At the dinner, Peggy humiliates and insults Max, who remains calm and proper. The King and Mr. Robertson are incensed by Sylvia's cruel behavior, and Mr. Robertson, who started out in life as a dishwasher, advises Max that he should get what he wants. With Robertson's approval, Max insists that Sylvia meet him privately in an adjacent room, where he kisses her passionately. Sylvia responds amorously, and although the dinner guests await them, Sylvia and Max elope.
Service for Ladies (1932)
Lajos Biró / Eliot Crawshay-Williams / Ernest Vajda
莱斯利·霍华德 / George Grossmith / 贝妮塔·休姆 / 伊丽莎白·艾兰
喜剧 / 爱情
1932  (1932年)
Reserved for Ladies
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