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  The story's main character is a 16 year old Secondary 4 student called Siao Han, whose parents abandoned him when he was young. At the start of the story, it shows Siao Han getting ready for the end of school with his ...展开best friend, his girlfriend Lily and his girlfriend's best friend. Reaching a shopping centre, they started to shoplift from various kinds of shops. Siao Han did his first try, only to get caught and reported to the police. The police team arrived, and Shao Han was shocked to find out that the leading officer of the team is his elder sister. His best friend came to his rescue, but Shao Han's sister decided to bring Shao Han to further investigations. Lily saw this and walked away in disappointment.
  At home, during dinner, Shao Han was angry with his sister for arresting him in her first day leading a team. Infuriated, he went to his aunt's place to smoke and visit his cousin, Ah Xiong. Ah Xiong is his elder cousin and is a bookie, while his mother is a gambler addicted to smoking. After his sister comes and find him, Shao Han was angry once again and ran off. This was when Ah Xiong decided to confess his plan of wooing Siao Han's sister.
  At Siao Han's school, his best friend discussed with him about Lily and their supposed breaking up. While talking, a fat bully hits Siao Han's best friend, and Siao Han gave him a hard glare which Lily saw, though the bully continues taunting him.
  Lily went home and went out again after dressing to go to a nightclub, saying that she was going to do a project to her mother. Going to the nightclub, she failed to resist temptation and stole a phone, but was caught by gang members who supposed had control of the nightclub. However, the gang leader, nicknamed M, instead gave his number to Lily, which she saved. Afterwards, Lily started hanging out with the M's gang.
  Siao Han and his best friend ask Ah Xiong for advice, while getting none, he gets his gang and bashes the bully up, while at the end, Siao han's best friend fights one-on-one against the bully. The next day, he started becoming a gangster and wore contact lenses instead. Then, he became the leader of the gang. His gang confronted M's gang and Lily, and Lily gave a preposition: Whoever (Siao Han or M)that steals the most expensive bag for her, she will be his at her 16th birthday, which was at the next day. Siao Han and M went to the same shop and tried to steal, but Siao Han was caught dumbfounded as he stood at the detector, resulting in him getting caught. He was later bailed out by his sister, which results in another argument between them.
  Lily and M's gang celebrated her birthday on the same nightclub when she met them. She was drunk and M started caressing her body, afterwards dragging her to the toilet, where she vomited. M washed her face and threw her in the toilet stalls. Then, they took turns to rape her, which was seen after they left the toilet, leaving Lily with her pink panties draped over her thighs and spread legs. She committed suicide at her home afterwards, while Ah Xiong was beaten up by gang members for refusing to be a bookie anymore, resulting in both broken legs, which made Siao Han infuriated and thirsting for revenge. He contacted his best friend, which revealed that it was M's gang who raped Lily and caused her death, and also beaten up Ah Xiong. He sent his gang to beat M's gang up. Siao Han and his sister visited Ah Xiong at the hospital, but ran off with his sister chasing him, resulting in a dramatic chasing scene with a conversation between the siblings, which revealed that their parents favoured Siao Han more, leaving his sister to their grandmother, but in the end still leaving Siao Han to his aunt. During this, it was shown that M and his gang was in an argument because the newspaper had news of them raping Lily and causing her death, while Siao Han's best friend was intending to ambush them.
  In the gangfight, M's gang members pushed all the blame to M, which made him chased by the gang. He met a dead end when he saw Siao han charging at him, while his best friend stabbed him from the back.
After School
Houren Zhu
Jacelyn Tay / Thomas Ong / Ruixian Wang
新加坡 Singapore
22 November 2003 (Singapore)
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