el yazisi (2012)





el yazisi影片简介

  Set in a humble Anatolian town, El Yazısı follows three stories on a day when the town is welcoming its very first foreign English teacher. As an accidental tourist is mistaken for her, the wind of change starts to blo...展开w.
  The first story is young Ahmet's. He loves a girl from the village; both the townspeople and the villagers are against this relationship. Today, as he is planning to elope with her, he is assigned to guide the foreign teacher around the town.
  Second story is about Zeynep, the town's pharmacist from the big city. She is about to marry the town's respected teacher Celal. Today, Volkan, a drug representative and an old friend, arrives for stock-taking. Wedding news is a surprise for him.
  And finally Ragıp, an eight-year-old boy who is on a quest for his missing love letter to Zeynep. As the letter gets stolen during the welcoming ceremony, he traces the leads with Sevgi, a little girl from the village with a crush on Ahmet.
  El Yazısı is a tale about the ones who try to break the enduring morality of the small-town life.
el yazisi (2012)

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