El baisano Jalil (1942)





El baisano Jalil影片简介

  This movie is one of the best Mexican movies from the golden age in Mexico and is starred by one of the best Mexican actors (Joaquin Pardave).
  It's the story of an aristocrat family (the Veradadas) that run out of m...展开oney, and they have to ask loans to a Lebanese retailer (Jalil). His son (Selim) suffers because he's in love with Marta (Veradada's daughter) who despise him. One day they're invited to visit Don Guillermo's property, where Jalil, her wife Suan and Selim, meet Don Guillermo's relatives who start to scorn Jalil's family. Finally this Lebanese family will defend from Don Gullermo's family.
  This movie is one of the most remembered movies from Joaquin Pardave. It will make you laugh and cry in a few moments and it's a must if you like to see classic movies (even more if you like Mexican classic movies). If you liked this movie, I recommend you also El casto Susano, El marchante Neguib, El ropavejero, El gran Makakikus, Ahi esta el detalle, among others.
El baisano Jalil (1942)

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