Octubre del 67 (1988)





Octubre del 67影片简介

  Cuban filmmaker Rebeca Chávez made a new edition of her documentary "October 67", which originally included extensive testimony of only three survivors Cuban guerrillas in Bolivia.
  The background sequences appeared ...展开here in the U.S. military training and official statements of a Special Forces U.S. Army, also known as "Green Berets who tells how the CIA and the Pentagon pursued the Che in Africa, Asia and Latin America, until he "ran his luck in Bolivia."
  This edition reconstructs the story of Che Guevara’s last battle to imply that the Bolivian Army was actually directed, controlled and trained by the 8th Special Forces Group of the United States Army, whose headquarters were at Fort Gulick, Canal Zone in Panama. The addition of the interview footage for the BBC was essential in the development of this argument.
  To explain how they got these sequences into their hands, Rebecca stated "Thanks to solidarity. For years the ICAIC made an extraordinary effort to recover all the footage as possible about life and death of Che. So I have a file virgin to the series of four documentaries that I made in the 80s on the Bolivian guerrilla. "
  The images of the Green Berets were part of an interview for British television, filmed in Bolivia, a few months after the assassination of Che.
  "The material came in a copy of 16 mm. We did not have the necessary equipment in the ICAIC to copy a film in that format. To save it, we used primitive methods: we projected against a blank wall, we enlarged it and then put in subtitles, "says Rebecca.
  "The original movie was focused on the Cubans Leonardo Tamayo (Urbano), Harry Villegas (Pombo) and Dariel Alarcón (Benigno), and we had a great eagerness to know the final moments of the life of Che. In that time, survivors were unknown. They had come to Cuba years ago, had joined and had been limited to work in Angola, Nicaragua and Ethiopia, they were loyal to the legacy of Che. They spoke of him in this manner. They believed that the death of guerrilla leader was something that was inevitable, but admitted that in Bolivia everything accelerated, mainly through the intervention of the United States. "
  As seen in this new edition, still some characters are not well identified. The English-speaking narrator of Felix Ramos, which was the pseudonym he used in Bolivia, was the CIA agent Felix Rodriguez from Cuba. Rodriguez chased Che from the Caribbean to Africa, and later in Bolivia.
  The last four months of the life of the guerrilla, Ernesto Guevara and his men were spent trying to evade a battalion of Bolivian Army Rangers, trained by the Green Berets and advised by a team of three Cuban counterrevolutionaries who worked for the CIA. Felix Rodriguez was key to focus the efforts of the 2nd Ranger Battalion (Army of Bolivia) in the region of Vallegrande, where Guevara's rebels were operating,” as says a declassified CIA cable, you can read in the National Security Archive at George Washington University (CIA Debriefing of Félix Rodríguez, June 3, 1975)
Octubre del 67 (1988)
Rebeca Chávez
Félix Rodríguez / Cuban Revolutionaries
1988  (1988年)

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