Coffea Arábiga (1968)





Coffea Arábiga影片简介

  In 1968 Guillén Landrián Coffea Arabica done with his most famous work. The topic is a hot potato in the hands of any performer: a short teaching about the coffee giant to mark the planting plan and promoting the grain...展开 near the Cuban capital, where thousands of people occupied in tillage frantic. That frenzy is the first thing is obvious in the texture of Coffea Arabica, documentary essentially supported in the assembly, real pastiche of political propaganda, literature, fotoanimaciones, crazy and imaginative sound joints, where plays an ironic intertitles and torn at a time, to carry much weight in the counterpoints that here are so sharp and complex, and where Guillen Landrián first grabs the "blades" to distort a fact, however, referred to as documentary reality.
  The readings of the film have been busily tend to emphasize details of the body instead of synergy, the dialectic interaction of each block, as in Coffea ... strengthening the internal fragmentation of discourse, which in this case results in a higher compaction sense, but in harmony in difference which touches the sky contrast, acidic counterpoint of form and content that never again in his work report so keenly. Unlike the way it has been read often, Coffea ... it is a didactic documentary. Of those that are made with bits of scientific literature and technical terminology, statements and illustration of the subject specialists across the image, openly teaching purposes. And where the struggle of opposites thrives is exactly complementary in working with this requirement, where Landrián Guillen gets a new language under unique forms of expression.
  This film is still forbidden in Cuba...
Coffea Arábiga (1968)
Nicolás Guillén Landrián
纪录片 / 短片
1968  (1968年)
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