Toplo (1978)






  A tenement house needs to have steam heating installed. The residents find the necessary workers to do it, sign the contract and pay them in advance. The workers show up and start their job, but disappear immediately. ...展开Panic-stricken, the residents set up to search for them, only to find the workers in jail. Totally desperate, their only chance is to come up with an ingenious plan how to bring the work to the end. Written by Georgi Djulgerov {}
  One of the greatest Bulgarian movies of all times, 9 August 2005
  Author: jani_ejw from Sliven, Bulgaria
  *** This comment may contain spoilers ***
  It may contain "SPOILERS". "Toplo" is one of the greatest movies I have watched, one of the nicest comedies ( and I do not mean only Bulgarian ). The characters are great, said at least. There are plenty of different, interesting, amazing characters, each one of them is wonderful, funny, exceptional, captivating and it is just fun to watch. My favourite ( and not only mine ) character is Snegov, the old man. I think he is one of the funniest and most beloved characters in Bulgarian cinema. The unique performance of Konstantin Kotsev is unforgettable. He makes Snegov look funny, sometimes stubborn, sometimes heroic and with sense of humour, sometimes stupid, but always interesting. He brings life and humour to every scene he is in. The other actors are great, too. Naum Shopov is wonderful as the journalist, he is the leader and makes a strange and funny hero. Georgi Cherkelov is just unforgettable. He makes an exceptional performance as the academic. That is the character who along with Snegov no one will ever be able to forget. The three leading characters ( the driver, the journalist and the academic ) correspond nicely to the three crooks ( the villains - three of the best, most famous, most beloved Bulgarian actors of all times in small cameos). The story is also interesting, but the movie is remembered for its unique characters and exceptional performances. The plot concerns people, trying to get central heating for their homes. However they are deceived by three crooks and we see the poor people trying to solve the problem. This, however, is not a sad story, but funny and entertaining. One of the best movies I have watched. It can by no means be compared to the recent trash that Bulgarian movie makers create. This film is a jewel.
Toplo (1978)
Vladimir Yanchev
Vladimir Yanchev
1978  (1978年)
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