Bror min





Bror min影片简介

  Winner for Best Short Film at the Berlin International Film Festival, Bror Min is a startlingly realistic portrayal of the bonds between brothers amid a broken family.
  A car plays the main part of a torture-chamber ...展开in Jens Jonsson’s Bror Min, where two brothers pull off a fight inside while waiting for their parentswho are fighting outside. The older of the two demonstrates with deep concentration all the funny little gadgets the car can provide in order to torture a kid brother. The scene for this macabre act is restricted, but its theme crosses all boundaries. A close to still camera tells, with honesty and a dark sense of humor, the story if two regular kids spending time; and the final scene well wraps up the contrast between the children’s solidarity and their parent’s dissociation from each other.
Bror min

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