Liberi armati pericolosi (1976)





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  This is an interesting movie. It is a tendency of Italian exploitation movies in general to eschew logical plotting and character development to focus on elaborate cinematic "set pieces". While this usually works with ...展开gialli (and some would say cannibal and zombie films)it is often problem in the Italian crime films where the set pieces usually involve shoot-outs and overlong car chases, two areas where the Italians had NO chance of outdoing bigger-budget Hollywood films (although they often did their damnedest). This film is interesting therefore because it DOES have a lot of character development especially among the villains, three privileged youths that become desperate criminals after their clean-cut but increasingly psychotic leader, "Blondie", starts a gun battle during a botched gas station robbery. One of the other youths is a more obviously deranged thrill seeker, while the third youth, the "wheel-man" is decidedly non-violent but loyal to a fault to his two friends. Rounding out the cast is the girlfriend of the wheel-man (Eleanora Giorgi) who ironically sets the whole thing in motion by reporting the robbery plans to the police (and mistakenly telling them that the trio only have toy guns). The head cop meanwhile is played by Tomas Milan, usually the psychotic heavy in these type of films. Milan lends an iconic presence and is an interesting character in that he is not unsympathetic but is also not the usual borderline-fascist "rebel with a badge" often seen in these movies. Mostly he just proves tragically incompetent at stopping the rampaging youths. The plot is mostly pretty believable except for a scene where they hook up with another group of youths and shoot-up and rob a grocery store, even killing their own accomplices for no good reason. There's some pretty gratuitous nudity including a pretty sorry excuse to get Giorgi topless (but who's gonna complain about that too much?). The ending is typically cynical, but that's one thing I admire about these films over the violence-glorifying Hollywood versions.
Liberi armati pericolosi (1976)
Romolo Guerrieri
埃利诺拉·吉奥吉 / 托马斯·米兰 / Stefano Patrizi
1976  (1976年)
Young, Violent, Dangerous / Young, Violent, and Desperate
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