"Cracker" - One Day a Lemming Will Fly (1993)





"Cracker" - One Day a Lemming Will Fly影片简介

  The police investigate the murder of a 13-year old boy who is found hanging in a tree in a nearby wood. The pathologist quickly determines that the boy was actually strangled and the hanging then staged. The boy was ga...展开y and was the subject of much teasing and bullying at school. Based on Fitz's advice, the police focus on one of the boy's teachers, Nigel Cassidy, whom they feel is a latent homosexual. Fitz may have met his match however and too late realizes he may have made a mistake. Fitz's wife Judith has returned home but he is having difficulty forgiving her infidelity. His relationship with DS Jane Penhaligon moves to a new plane when they decide to go on a two week holiday together.
"Cracker" - One Day a Lemming Will Fly (1993)

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