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La Rencontre影片简介

  A diary film about a relationship between a man (Alain Cavalier) and a woman, told entirely through voice-overs by the two participants, spoken over largely static images (of household objects, animals, parts of the bo...展开dy, rooms, landscapes etc.). At times an emotional direction emerges (an articulation of love, loss, frustration), then it retreats. At times the film seems to be about its own making; at others it seems merely to drift.
  Imdb Review: Alain Cavalier's latest film is deceptively simple and yet revolutionary because it seems to stand outside the boundaries of narrative and documentary filmmaking. One could describe "La Rencontre" as a cinematic diary--a home movie that documents the filmmaker and his muse during the course of their relationship. But unlike most movies the human subjects here are never photographed in whole, just partially. This brave new work is as much about Cavalier's object of desire, that is, his lover as it is about the medium that gives expression to his love. It is conceived as one part confessional and one part discourse on the metaphysics of love and cinema. The cinema, for Cavalier, is like a two-way mirror that records images while reflecting those images back onto itself. Subject and object appear to mirror each other's identity until they assume new personae in the process.
  The immediate challenge for Cavalier, then, is cinema's objective gaze: the ability of the camera to record the physical nature of reality. But Cavalier's chief interest is just the opposite. He wants to demonstrate the possibility of a new cinema: one that evolves out of concealment and subterfuge. This cinema deemphasizes the human landscape and dislocates the image from its voice. It focuses inward rather than outward, and chooses to explore the intangible and the abstract over the tactile and the concrete.
  Appropriately, Cavalier's cine-diary unfolds like an open book: his twin loves (muse and cinema) are illuminated through a series of tableaux filled with close-up objects which are brought vividly to life by the imagination and the transfigurative power of the cinema. It is as if these everyday objects have become the lovers' collective memories saturated with the emotions and energy of life. In short these objects have assumed a life of their own becoming humanized and perhaps immortalized in the process. After all isn't this precisely the paradox of cinema--the ability to resurrect inanimate objects, to bring them back to life at 24 frames per second?
La Rencontre (1996)
阿兰·卡瓦利埃 / Françoise Widhoff / Florence Malraux
1996  (1996年)
The Encounter
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