The Girl with the Hungry Eyes (1995)





The Girl with the Hungry Eyes影片简介

  South Beach, Miami, in 1937. Model Louise Balfour commits suicide after she was revealed that her groom had deceived her. She hides the key and her contract at «The Tides», and then hungs up in her room.
  South Beach...展开, Miami, our days. Hotel went into decline and soon will has to be demolished. Once in a strong thunderstorm Louise Balfour resurrected in the same room where she died many years ago. Her soul is revived at a mission to find the blood, which will allow to live the building forever. She finds not too successful photographer Carlos with a proposal to work with her, but the first does not make impression on him. However, when his employers see photos of this girl, at once impressed by them and even pay serious advances. Louise also goes hunting, and with each new victim of the hotel seemed to be alive.
The Girl with the Hungry Eyes (1995)

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