Kriminal (1966)






  Umberto Lenzi is best known for his gory zombie flicks, Giallo's and Italian Cop movies; but there are a few gems from other genres dotted around his filmography, and Kriminal is definitely one of the best of them! The...展开 film is based on a comic book and follows the fortunes of a 'cartoon' criminal out to steal whatever he can. The obvious film to compare this to would be Mario Bava's pulp fiction thriller 'Diabolik', although this one is (slightly) more grounded in reality and while it doesn't have the comic book grandeur of Bava's later effort; all in all, I wouldn't hesitate to call Kriminal a better film. Glenn Saxson takes the lead role as 'Kriminal' - a notorious yet incognito thief who wears a skeleton suit and somehow manages to get the better of the police every time they try to stop him from stealing. The plot starts properly when an opportunity to steal a large amount of diamonds from a safe deposit box in Instanbul presents itself. Kriminal masterminds a plot to liberate the jewels; but first has to worm his way into several people's affections.
  The film has a great comic book style and Umberto Lenzi effortlessly manages to give the film a real stylish verve that benefits the plot immensely. Glenn Saxson might not be a great actor, but he fits the bill as the title character and actually looks like he might be a drawing from a comic book himself! The film features Kriminal wearing a suit painted as a skeleton; although unfortunately this part of the film doesn't come off as being as cool as it could have been; but it does give the film an extra interesting element. There are plenty of characters to move the plot along, and while the plotting does get a little confusing at times; it's generally interesting enough. Lenzi manages some really beautiful locations and he definitely gets the best out of 'high society' in Istanbul. There are also a number of lovely ladies on display, which is always a bonus too! There's no real point to the film; but the ending is good enough and the film finishes in a 'fun' way. Overall, I'm not surprised that this isn't one of Lenzi's better known films - but it's certainly not a bad one and I highly recommend seeing it...if you can find it!
Kriminal (1966)
Umberto Lenzi
Glenn Saxson / 赫尔佳·丽列
犯罪 / 冒险
意大利 / 西班牙
1966-12-23  (1966年)
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