Sesir profesora Koste Vujica (1971)





Sesir profesora Koste Vujica影片简介

  This TV drama shows a gymnasium class on the end of the 19th century, which was all but not an ordinary class. Full of intellectuals, and young scientists, writers and artists, this class was highly with potential and ...展开many of them were later famous in Serbian history. Metaphor is old professor's Kosta Vujic hat, which makes digression between young and conservative people of that time. Shown in slightly comic tone, all scenes are showing some of their dissidence but also intellect. Professor's famous quote is "We want be remembered for our work, will be remembered as their professors". So, if you want to see about Mika Alas, Milorad Mitrovic,Jovan Cvijic and Pavle Popovic in the same class I think that you'll enjoy this one.
Sesir profesora Koste Vujica (1971)

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