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Mbucuruyá, cuadros de la naturaleza影片简介

  Filmed in 1991, Mburucuyá (which is subtitle Tables of nature) is a composition of images that is built on an analogy with the natural history books. An armed catalog on what the film chronicles the arrival in the Sout...展开h American continent of two famous naturalist Alexander von Humboldt and Aimé Bonpland (played by two non-professional actors, Ariel Kupfer and Patrick Liotta, respectively), and the encounter with the indigenous culture , With a privileged interlocutor: the indigenous (role played by actor Jorge Diez, who had previously worked on Habeas Corpus). Acha confessed that this play was trying to observe "European culture from the perspective of an American." The film combines snippets of daily travel Von Humboldt in 1799 by the Orinoco basin, with phrases drawn from his correspondence; of that comes together an interesting story. The spectacle of a nature full of sounds, colors, smells and virgin unknown to European scientists, the constantly dazzles. Von Humboldt said in a passage: "It fulfills the dream of my youth: I see the cross of the South."
  At the end, you hear his voice again, saying: "We have dissected more than six hundred thousand six hundred plants and harvested species," the task of the naturalist had to come to an end. The many journeys of the German scientist influence the next generation of scientists. Mburucuyá invites a river trip that is inside the jungle, sustained in a bizarre encounter between indigenous and scientific prose, full of mythology. Deploying the power of knowledge European Acha tried to uncover the structure of the colonialist.
  Jorge Acha (1946 - 1996) - On October 12 1996, and toured the construction site where he thought his future home in Miramar, his hometown, died on Argentine filmmaker and painter Jorge Acha. He was born in 1946 and studied painting at the School of Fine Arts Prilidiano Pueyrredón. Defined himself as a "painter traveler" (romantic as those of the nineteenth century), and its main theme was the sea. He described his paintings in samples, such as the Biennial of Humor and Satire in Gavobro (Bulgaria) and to International Fair for Graphic Arts in Bilbao (Spain), and in countless national events.
  But he was as a filmmaker who directed two feature films managed to stand out: Habeas Corpus and Standard, and left an incomplete entitled Mburucuyá. The interest in completing this last film led a group of film buffs, led by Argentine Ricardo Parodi, director of the Center for Theory of the Image-to organize a tribute to the director. It began yesterday with the projection of Habeas Corpus and will continue with the May 17 Standard, in National Museum of Fine Arts at 17.
Mbucuruyá, cuadros de la naturaleza (2006)
Jorge Acha
Jorge Acha
2006-04-13  (2006年)
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