Contra viento y marea (2005)





Contra viento y marea影片简介

  Natalia Ríos is a young and beautiful girl who lives with her aunt Inés and her aunt's perverted husband Arcadio. After Arcadio tried to rape her, he sells her into a slavery to dirty hoodlums. One of the hoodlums feel...展开s sorry for her and helps her to run away.
  When Natalia returns, she finds her aunt dying. Her aunt Inés tells Natalia that she'll only be safe if she lives with the Serrano family. When Natalia arrives at the house, everyone receives her with open arms except the lady of the house, Apolonia.
  While attending college, Natalia meets Eduardo, a man who falls deeply in love with her, but when she meets his brother Sebastián, it's love at first sight. When Eduardo is dying due to a serious illness, he asks Natalia to marry him. Now she must decide between marrying Eduardo or being with the man she loves with all her heart, Sebastián.
Contra viento y marea (2005)

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