Party Animalz (2004)





Party Animalz影片简介

  When passing by movies in the new releases section of the video store, often enough one will see a single movie such as "Party Animalz", nestled between Mystic River and Paycheck, as a single copy, between 40 copies of...展开 the latter. Normally, I wouldn't rent a movie like this, but the risk-free enjoyment of my blockbuster movie pass lets me spend some time, and zero money to evaluate a movie such as this... risk free.
  The plot starts out simple enough.... without reason, which isn't too much of a problem. We just have to get our two main characters. Robert and Caeser into a part house. It isn't entirely believable, but I've seen plenty of similar things happen in L.A. The exaggeration pushes the envelope in order to allow humour to occur. It is nothing entirely original, but it has some new jokes, and enough funny Los Angeles barrio humour thrown in.
  A lot of the jokes will be noticed from the Ice-Cube, American Pie, and Scary Movie movies, but they are recycled with a southern-California Hispanic twist. Burro Girl is hilarious. Indo and Leno are also extremely funny. There are plenty of nude shots to keep any male entertained, but most female viewers might only enjoy this movie if they are 'one of the guys.'
  This is a decent movie considering its apparent lack of budget. It is nowhere near the excellence of Clerks, but this movie does a great job at being funny. Definitely a good movie to watch on a Saturday night with a bunch of guys, or when inebriated... in some form or another.
Party Animalz (2004)

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